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January 2017 Archives

Buying a car before filing for bankruptcy

South Carolina residents who are planning to file for bankruptcy may wonder how purchasing a car could affect their petition. Though taking on new debt before a bankruptcy filing is usually not advisable, financing a car can actually benefit some situations. However, it is important to make sure that a car purchase is made 'in good faith" so that it does not send up any red flags.

Debt collection practices criticzed in government report

The activities of debt collection companies in South Carolina and around the country have been harshly criticized in a report the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released on Jan. 12. According to the CFPB, debt collectors routinely ignore regulations that require them to cease communicating with consumers after receiving a written request to do so, and more than half of the debts in question are either not the responsibility of the individuals being targeted by debt collection agencies or for the amount being sought.

How South Carolina residents can resolve medical debt

While crowdfunding may seem like an effective way to raise money to pay medical bills, only 11 percent of campaigns are fully funded. This is according to a 2015 study conducted by NerdWallet. Another 2015 study found that 26 percent of adults are dealing with financial issues related to medical debt. This is despite the fact that the Affordable Care Act has given more people access to health care.

Hardship discharge allowed in bankruptcy case due to a stroke

South Carolina residents may be interested in a ruling by a U.S. bankruptcy court from December 2016 that allowed a hardship discharge in a Chapter 13 case. The case involved a man who suffered a stroke while he was paying off debts pursuant to the court-approved plan. The court decided the man is eligible for a hardship discharge, despite arguments from the trustee.

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