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September 2015 Archives

Dealing with credit card debt

Households in South Carolina that have around $15,000 or $16,000 in credit card debt are in line with the national average, but repaying that debt still may be a heavy burden. Furthermore, average interest rates mean that if paid at the minimum, the credit card holder might end up paying twice as much back than the amount originally borrowed over a period of several decades. There are a number of strategies that consumers can use to pay down their credit card debts sooner and with less expense.

FCC limits cell phone calls by medical debt collectors

South Carolina consumers should know that a new ruling by the Federal Communications Commission makes it harder for medical debt collectors to contact debtors on their cellphones. However, the collection industry claims the rule change is unfair.

Credit cards may lead to high personal debt

South Carolina residents may know that credit card debt is a problem for many individuals. Since the economic downturn occurred, some individuals lost their jobs and debts mounted. Using credit cards to pay that debt may have left them with a high balance. Overcoming that may be challenging for some debtors.

Evaluating personal goals before filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may be a difficult choice for South Carolina residents, but there are situations that can leave an individual or family with few alternatives. Filing for Chapter 7 may be a path to financial healing as unsecured debts, medical bills, and other financial difficulties are discharged. A fresh financial footing through bankruptcy does come with some long-term credit consequences, making it important to review both the positive side and the negative side of filing bankruptcy prior to making any decisions.

Understanding personal bankruptcy

Investors and homeowners in South Carolina may be interested in learning about how personal bankruptcy can be used as relief from distressed properties. Maintaining payments on multiple properties can be difficult after they have lost value and the market is bearish. Debtors often take on additional work in attempt to make good on outstanding payments, but many are still compelled to file personal bankruptcy. When there are minimal assets and substantial liabilities, filing for personal bankruptcy may be advantageous.

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