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March 2015 Archives

Watchdog says South Carolina cardholders deserve more rights

If a consumer has a dispute with their credit card company, that dispute may need to be resolved in arbitration. While arbitration clauses are common in credit card agreements, roughly 75 percent of consumers don't know that they are in their agreements. Of those who were aware that they could possibly go to arbitration, 50 percent were wrong as to whether or not their credit card agreement included such a clause.

New credit reporting rules could impact South Carolina residents

Under the terms of a settlement with New York state, the three major credit bureaus are changing the way that credit is reported. Specifically, those who dispute anything that a creditor reports will have that dispute investigated even if the creditor says the information is correct. In addition, medical debt will not go on a credit report for at least 180 after the debt has been accrued.

Credit card interest rate increases

A number of South Carolina residents may be about to receive notices that the interest rate on their American Express card is increasing. Although the 2009 CARD Act has limited credit card companies' ability to increase card holder's interest rates, it is still possible, as about a million people with American Express cards are finding out.

Eliminating tax debt through bankruptcy in South Carolina

If someone has been struggling to pay back creditors, it is quite possible that they also have unpaid tax debt. Generally, tax debt is not eligible for discharge with bankruptcy; however, there are some circumstances where it is possible. Being able to eliminate this type of debt is most likely with a Chapter 7 filing because Chapter 13 is a reorganization of debt and involves a repayment plan.

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