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November 2014 Archives

Strategies for avoiding and reducing credit card debt

Avoiding credit card debt is much easier than recovering from it. As the balance on the card increases, the amount of interest that is accrued each month increases with it, requiring larger payments. These higher payments can make it more difficult for the consumer to pay for current and future expenses. This is why a repayment plan may be vital for any South Carolina residents attempting to recover from credit card debt. The plan should include reducing spending, speaking with creditors about reducing interest rates, suspending further credit card usage and prioritizing payments based on the interest rates.

Debt collection and creditor harassment

While many people in South Carolina struggle with credit card debt, some may not know that the federal government regulates debt collection practices. In fact, many of the intrusive behaviors that many people associate with debt collectors are actually prohibited by law.

Credit card debt statute of limitations in South Carolina

The amount of time allowed for collection activity and filing lawsuits related to credit card debt is limited in the state. There are a few interpretation rules to bear in mind when it comes to credit card debt and the statute of limitations. On a case-by-case basis, judges have the last word on the decisions regarding how to interpret the state laws. They also have the option of determining what state from which the laws will be followed. It could be either the state where the card issuer is located or the state where the consumer lives.

Medical billing errors and debt in South Carolina

. The leading cause of personal bankruptcy in South Carolina and around the country is medical debt. While the government has tried to make health care more affordable, many households are struggling with this type of debt. According to a study by a consumer services company, Americans are paying three times more to third-party collectors for medical debt than bank and credit card bills combined. In addition, about one in five had a medical bill in debt collection in 2014. However, studies have found that consumers are consistently overcharged for medical bills.

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