Look Forward To Life After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy makes lives better. Do not believe otherwise. While there are many myths about how bankruptcy will destroy your credit and leave you in ruins, there is little truth to them. The best way to find out how filing bankruptcy will affect your life specifically is to talk to a trusted bankruptcy lawyer. At The Huggins Law Firm with offices in Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina, we are happy to answer all of your questions and provide a free, personalized consultation about what filing bankruptcy could mean to you and your financial future.

Eliminating Myths About Bankruptcy

There are two persistent myths about bankruptcy. The first is that it will destroy your credit and the second is that it will prevent you from getting loans in the future.

Here are the facts: When most people file for bankruptcy, their credit is already destroyed. They already have a low credit score. If they do not, they will if they continue along the same path. When you file bankruptcy, you are clearing a path so you can rebuild your credit score.

You will be able to get loans and credit after filing bankruptcy. In fact, you may be surprised at how soon you get credit card offers. Of course, the real concern is not just getting a loan, but getting good terms for that loan. The key is that, moving forward, you will have to show that you are able to make your monthly payments and be a good customer for lenders. When you file bankruptcy, you can get a fresh start and keep your financial matters in order. Lenders will see that you have taken positive steps, and this may benefit you.

There is life after bankruptcy, and it is a positive one. We will help you get there.

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